Kobe Capsule Hotel Seki is a global capsule hotel.

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Kobe Capsule Hotel Seki is a global capsule hotel


Jason Wirihana

Here at Kobe Capsule Hotel Seki the manager is from New Zealand and with be on hand to greet you at the front desk. As a lot of our customers come from other countries, we endeavor to help make you stay as easy as possible. Our Manager is fluent in English and Japanese and we also have staff that can speak Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese for your Convenience.
Managers Greeting
Thank you for choosing to stay at Kobe Capsule Hotel Seki. It is our goal to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment at affordable price for our guests. As stated, I am from New Zealand and I have lived in Japan for almost 13 years. In my time in this beautiful country I have learned the language and experienced what Kobe has to offer. Myself and my staff are here to provide with any information in regards to what Kobe has to offer in regard to leisure or fine dining. Please feel free to ask myself or my staff for any information you may need.
Once again, we would like to thank you for choosing to stay with us and we hope you enjoy your stay.

A relaxing capsule

A relaxing capsule
Kobe Capsule Hotel Seki provides upper and lower level capsules for both of our male and female guests. A relaxing capsule with a standard mattress, pillow and blanket are provided. A private T.V. with headphones is provided and also two USB ports for you to charge you cellphone or I pad. Wi-Fi is provided on all floors of the hotel.
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